A limited collection of handwoven Bogolanfini fabrics from Mali, West Africa.
‘Bogolan’ (for short) is also known as mudcloth, due to the traditional weaving, dyeing and painting techniques that have been used for centuries.  The process, which involves meticulously weaving raw cotton, layers of fermented mud, clay, dyes from indigenous trees, and sewing all the pieces together, can take several seasons to complete.

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Perfect for home decor e.g. throws for sofas/chairs/beds, wall-hangings, DIY upholstery projects, table cloths.
Fitiri waati means sunset is Bambara, a West African language, mostly spoken in Mali. These warm and rich earthy browns make a statement, yet are calming and neutral.
Each piece is made by hand therefore no two pieces are identical.  Any imperfections are to be expected with the authentic nature of this fabric.

Material: 100% cotton


Length: 170 Centimetres; Width: 110 Centimetres

Care Instructions

Take care when handling – excess dye may cause colour transfer. Cool handwash or gentle cycle in machine.  Line dry.  Due to natural dyes, colours may fade on contact with water.

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